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I am twenty-two years of age, and feel emotion vicariously through the lives and loves of fictional characters. Judge me as you will.

I tend to take up challenges every so often, which could potentially include ficathons or exchanges. I'll post links to my challenge tables and such here.

Draco/Hermione - drabbles100 [complete]
Helga/Salazar - fanfic100 [DROPPED]
Pansy/Luna - 7spells [complete]
Draco/Hermione - 100quills [DROPPED]
Godric/Rowena - 10_prompts [DROPPED]
Severus/Lily - oneblanket_v2 [DROPPED]
Helga Hufflepuff - hp_tarot [complete]
Sirius/Rosmerta - rarepair_shorts [complete]
Ginny/Blaise - rarepair_shorts [complete]

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