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Twilight Podfic Anthology

I've been working on this for a year and figured I should just finish it up and post it. I basically podficced all of my own Twilight fics (minus the RPF), because I could, and because I like podfics. This was not an egocentric decision. I didn't podfic anybody else's fics because I'm not the best reader, and came perilously close to effing up my own fics, so it's best I not touch anyone else's. Why Twilight? Because that's the only fandom I'm in where my American accent is appropriate.

There are (hopefully) two versions; the first is the podbook (m4b) edition, and the second is the mp3 edition, which is broken down into multiple tracks. The mp3 edition doesn't include Flying and Flocking, which you can instead find at that link. The podbook edition does include that whole fic, minus the author's notes track. The pairing is included in the title of each track, so you can skip what you don't like. Fics are arranged by pairing, but in the mp3 edition, you can put it on shuffle.

Some of the fics do have music, but I think they've all been credited in some way or another.

If there are any issues, please let me know, and I'll try to fix them! I'm having a little trouble especially with the upload, since they're such big files.

Download Podbook: RapidShare
Download MP3s: RapidShare

I'll cut and paste the summaries of what's in here, hopefully in order:


» Apollo 13 {G - 483 words - 2009}
A bit of bored note-passing leads to something deeper.

» Being Jacob Black {PG-13 - 515 words - 2007}
Do you want to know what it's like, being me? Trust me, you don't.

» Blindly Unhindered in Your Own Descent {PG - 867 words - 2009}
You ate it up – time – with a laugh you didn’t recognize as you flicked your hair over your shoulder.

» Come Back Home {G - 523 words - 2011}
One of the things Jacob knows and loves about Bella is that she always comes back. A wintry moment with wee!Jake&Bells.

» Fight or Flight {PG - 2,685 words - 2008}
Fight-or-flight. Bella once thought that it defined a person, whether you stayed or went. But what defines you, really, is only what you have left to stay for, and what’s ahead to go running to. And no one ever considers the fact that they might just be intertwined.

» Four Ways to Apologize {PG - 3,412 words - 2010}
Charlie waits for a moment, watching her carefully. Something about her reaction emboldens him, and so he rushes into it next, letting it out like a gust of wind that has been waiting outside a closed window: “He says Jacob came back last night.” Bella tries to apologize. (Includes a fanmix and recipe.)

» Glass Slippers {G - 600 words - 2011}
Jacob and Bella go shoe shopping.

» How Quickly Comes the Breaking Dawn {PG-13 - 5,451 words - 2008}
The flight from Seattle, Washington, to Fairbanks, Alaska, is three hours and forty-two minutes long. And for all three hours and forty-two minutes, Bella Cullen feels as though she cannot breathe. It is time at last for Bella to be turned - and Jacob will stop at nothing to change her mind. (includes Edward/Bella)

» Might I But Moor {PG-13 - 2,142 words - 2009}
Everyone is moving on—has moved on; everyone is in the present, in the future, and what is past has passed. But Bella Swan is moored in a day ago, a week ago, months and months and years ago, in everything that Yesterday might have had to offer if only she’d listened harder. (includes Leah/Embry)

» Permanence {PG - 919 words - 2008}
Permanence – (n.); existence in the same form forever or for a very long time. Bella never expects that in one hundred years, Jacob will still be waiting for her. (includes faint Edward/Bella)

» Summer Quiet {PG-13 - 3,883 words - 2012}
Quiet summers in Jacob’s garage are never as quiet as they seem.

» The Adventures of Bello and Jakewina {G - 430 words - 2011}
A few seconds later, Jacob nods, looking satisfied. “Okay,” he says. “That’s really smart. Thanks, Bells.” With Bella's help, eight-year-old Jacob gets crafty with a school writing assignment.

» The Apple and Eve {PG - 213 words - 2008}
Here's the story you haven't heard... (includes Edward/Bella)

» The Girl in the Woods {G - 166 words - 2012}
Perhaps you can make her smile again / without sticks and strings to shape her form. / But she isn’t the child you used to know, / muddy and sunlit and dreaming. (Poem)

» The Place Where {G - 384 words - 2009}
Here, in this silence: his hand clasped in yours, yours in his; sunlight in golden streams upon your skin.

» Wake Up {PG - 500 words - 2011}
He says, “I think I’m giving up.” And she says, “God, God, don’t you dare.” (Genderswap.)


» And a Partridge in a Pear Tree {PG - 520 words - 2009}
He tries to frown at her, but it doesn’t work out so well. “Aren’t you kinda cold up in that tree?”

» A Sight to Behold {PG-13 - 4,900 words - 2008}
Because for the first time, Renesmee crosses his mind and he doesn’t feel that pull, that ache. Instead, his head feels clear and his heart, for a few solid minutes, beats for Jacob himself; it doesn’t beat for Bella, or Bella’s daughter, or Leah—Bella’s antithesis. It beats for Jacob as the thing at his very core that’s keeping him alive. (includes Jacob/Bella)

» Fire Reaching Toward the Sky {G - 670 words - 2009}
But that’s okay, she thinks, because ends are beauty in their own right. (includes Sam/Leah)

» Let the Circle Be Unbroken {R - 3,100 words - 2008}
She tolerates it, mostly, because she won’t leave Jacob alone; she won’t abandon him in a world full of vampires and magic he can’t escape. He may be blinded, but she isn’t. She has no attachments anymore—at least, none that make her biased. She can judge for herself. Living a life full of twisted rights and wrongs has helped her learn the definition of each. Leah can't stand the fact that Jacob has imprinted. (includes Edward/Bella and Jacob/Bella)

» The People Who Float {PG - 1,500 words - 2009}
Leah has rough hands, and she needs no heroes. Her skin is dry, her nails uneven, chipped, and cracked. Her palms are lined with too many creases––myriad misfortunes––and the backs of her hands are roadways of thin scars that come and go, and come again, like phases of the moon. (Mostly gen, and also includes past Sam/Leah)

» The Same Song {PG - 100 words - 2009}
There are lines between them like old cobwebs.


» In Hindsight {PG-13 - 3,100 words - 2009}
Edward thinks in music. His mind is filled with combinations of strokes upon ivory keys that he secrets away like old boxes: labelled, sealed, coated with dust but always there, somewhere, for rediscovery. Five songs Edward Cullen could have played for Rosalie Hale, and one he couldn't. (Includes - and is a part of - a fanmix)

» Weakness {PG - 225 words - 2008}
He kisses her in moments of weakness. (implied Jasper/Bella)


» Float {G - 100 words - 2009}
Leah and Bella are the sea.


» Quil Would Like to Live, Thanks {PG-13 - 530 words - 2008}
It's summer, and Quil is bored. (essentially Quil/everyone)


» Contagious {PG-13 - 213 words - 2010}
Boundaries don’t exist, Leah thinks. Everything just stretches on and on, bleeding together like the pinpricked thumbs of two children.

» Flying and Flocking {R - ~22,800 words - 2011}
Rosalie does not simply move through the forest, she is a part of it, and it suits her in the strange way that it suits Leah. How two lonely, broken, wild things of the woods connect with each other and rediscover their humanity. (You can listen to a podficced version of this story here.)


» Turning Gold to Dust {PG - 577 words - 2008}
When she tells you she’s getting married—tells you, doesn’t even ask what you think first, doesn’t want your advice—you wonder, briefly, if this is the world’s idea of a cruel joke. (Charlie Swan)

» Even if the World Changes {PG-13 - 2,000 words - 2009}
“You’re not leaving this around for posterity to find.” Three werewolves and an old video camera. Boys will be boys, after all.

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