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Podfic: Flying and Flocking

Well hey there. Long time no see. I got bored and recorded this in August, but didn't bother to finish editing it until last night. There's an extra twenty-minute track of notes and freetalk, which you are more than welcome to skip.

There's also two different versions: a podbook (.m4b) and four MP3 tracks.

Title: Flying and Flocking
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Rosalie/Leah
Rating: R, for strong language and mild sexuality
Length: 02:45:04
Link to text version: LJ | AO3
Summary: Rosalie does not simply move through the forest, she is a part of it, and it suits her in the strange way that it suits Leah. How two lonely, broken, wild things of the woods connect with each other and rediscover their humanity.

Download Podbook: MediaFire
Download MP3s: MediaFire

Tags: *podfic, character: leah clearwater, character: rosalie hale, fandom: twilight, rating: r, ship: rosalie/leah
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